Design DESIGN Design is at the core of what we do. We care about all design disciplines and advocate for what is appropriate for product through the complete lifecycle. We can help source EE, ME, FW, SW and Project Managers either in-house or external resources.

Assess ASSESS Assessments are where we bring focus to a particular area of the project. We will give you a fair judgement of what challenges lie ahead. Examples are "Get Production Ready", "My Sustainability Score", "Get Out of China" and "Manufacturing Migration".

Design SPECIALTIES We have a number of areas of particular depth. They include Design for Production Test, Component Price Negotiation, Design for Sustainability, Contract Manufacturer Support, Regulatory Compliance Planning, Reliability Testing and many more.

Cost COST ESTIMATE We can quickly give you an estimate of the total cost of your device. Starting with a complete BOM and a brief overview of the project we can calculate the per unit cost and how much it will cost to develop.