Opening thoughts…

Welcome to InventDesignSustain where the Metric Designworks team will discuss the latest topics surrounding product and design manufacturing with ourselves, our customers, partners and design thought leaders around the world.  As lifelong consultants we have worked on more than 200 products that have challenged conventional product design and manufacturing approaches. Our goal here is to create community focused on discussing pushing the possibilities of product design, understand new consumer demands and moving product manufacturing toward product sustainability.  We will do this through blogs, video interviews and podcast that we hope will cause more conversation about the state of our industry. As we travel around the world following our passion, we will also shed light on some of the more practical and often hidden aspects of product design and manufacturing. From the conference room to the factory floor, we are trying to challenge ourselves to think differently about each step in the process. We hope that by showing what works (and sometimes doesn’t work) and revealing some of our thought processes, we can engage collectively in a new conversation about our space and our global impact as technology companies, designers, educators and manufacturers.

So please join us as we think about what it means to deliver market responsive products today, design with new approaches, theories and technologies that will change the future, and sustain viable products for a better world from the materials they are built from to the value and impact they bring to people’s lives.
Jessica and Steven Nersesian